The Birth of the Bulldog: Weekly AC History Brief

Natalie Dunn

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The Bulldog Behind the Bulldog

Adrian College is the only division three school in this region with a live mascot. Our very own Bruiser was adopted from a breeder in Oklahoma on December 14th, 2009. He lives with his caretaker, Janine Grier, and she and Bruiser first officially appeared as a men’s varsity hockey game on January 22nd, 2010. You’ll see the famous pup walking around campus in his favorite jersey most evenings, and he and Ms. Grier are always on the 50 yard line to greet the football team before a home game. He loves to make appearances at center ice for hockey games as well. Bruiser is turning 7 this year, on September 20th, and the Richie Marketplace will have birthday cake and puppy chow to celebrate as they do every year.

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