WVAC Carrying Adrian College Football

Can’t make it to the Docking Stadium for an Adrian College football game? No need to worry, Adrian College TV has got your back! On September 7th, Adrian College TV broadcasted the Adrian College vs. Heidelberg football game featuring a pregame, postgame, and halftime show for the first time. The inaugural shows were a huge success and will continue for the rest of the football season.

“Longtime Adrian College sports radio broadcaster WLEN-FM (Adrian) is teaming up with two other media outlets this season to air Adrian College football, with the introduction of the Adrian College Sports Network” (Michigan Association of Broadcasters).

Adrian College TV is looking forward to tag teaming with WLEN-FM and other media outlets to expand into new horizons. Be sure to tune into Adrian College TV’s YouTube channel for an entertaining livestream of the game! You won’t regret it.

Read more about it: https://michmab.com/wlen-wvac-and-actv-team-up-for-adrian-college-sports/

Bulldogs on the Adrian College football season opener. (Action photo by Mike Dickie)

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