An Inside Look on Kaitlin Parisi’s Capstone

Each spring, juniors and seniors majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences complete an independent research project focusing on any topic of their choosing involving Media Arts. Junior, Kaitlin Parisi, is studying communications with a minor in journalism. The focus of her capstone is: “How Media and Public Perception have Changed Police Officers’ Jobs for
the Good or for the Bad.”

What is your capstone topic?

My capstone project is on my hometown police department in Fort Bend County Texas. I am doing a short documentary, because I want to identify how times have changed within law enforcement and how media and public perception has changed police officers’ jobs for the good or for the bad.

Why did you choose your topic?

I chose to do this topic for my capstone project, because law enforcement has been a part of my life since I was born. My dad is a Master Police Officer and has been on the job for 30+ years, so doing this project not only shows how my local police department has changed throughout the years but is a personal project that is close to my heart. I have always been intrigued with police officers’ jobs, watching Live PD, Cops and interacting with other officers when I visit my dad at work. It’s a world I enjoy being a part of and learning more about.

What are you hoping to gain from completing your capstone?

What I hope to gain from this project is a better understanding of how law enforcement jobs have been impacted by the digital age. I also hope that this capstone will help me in the future to get a job with an agency, such as a police department or even as far as the FBI as a Communication Specialist. Law enforcement is a huge part of my life because of my dad and my interest in their jobs and I would like to keep some part of that in my future.

What has been your favorite class in your major so far?

My favorite class in the Communication Department this far would have to be Communication Theory, though it is hard for me to choose because I have loved all the classes in the Communication Department. I have learned so many things from all the professors, that I will take with me when I graduate.

For more information about the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, be sure to check out their page on the Adrian College website or the Course Catalog.

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