A Glance At Kylee Doty’s Letters Project

Due to COVID-19, Adrian College students are finishing up the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester online. Kylee Doty, a junior majoring in Communications with a double minor in Leadership & Ethics and Journalism, is working on her capstone project in the comfort of her own home. Each spring, juniors and seniors majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences complete an independent research project focusing on any topic of their choosing involving Media Arts. Kylee Doty’s capstone is titled, “Letters Project.”

What is your capstone project about?

 My capstone is called “Letters Project” which is a compilation of research on human emotion coupled with anonymous letters that have been sent to me by various subjects. The foreseeable objective for Letters Project is to have it published as an ebook on Amazon.

Why did you choose your topic?

I’ve been collecting anonymous letters from people since my freshman year because this project didn’t originally start just for capstone, but as something I had wanted to do. I wondered what people wanted to say to others that they may not be able to say directly to them. I’ve found that almost everyone has emotion stored up in them that they don’t know how to get out. That’s why writing’s so beneficial.

What are you looking to gain from completing your capstone?

I’m so excited to complete this because I’ve been working on it for three years now and the subject of it is something I’ve always been interested in. I’ve always really liked the ideas of letters in general and so this project has been so incredible to work on. I feel so lucky to be able to read and edit all of them before the world gets to see them, but I’m even more excited to release Letters Project to the public.

What has been your favorite class in the Communications department so far? 

Introduction to Communication Theory and Communication Ethics.

For more information about the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, be sure to check out their page on the Adrian College website or the Course Catalog.

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