Student Spotlight: Meghan Abbee

Ever missed a game and watched it on Adrian College TV? Or noticed an awesome graphic of an Adrian College athlete? Senior Meghan Abbee has cultivated her passions for television, graphic design, and sports into her career and has made her mark on the Adrian College campus.

Double majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences and Graphic Design, Abbee has been the Student Director of ACTV the past two years and the community has noticed remarkable growth in the program. In addition to creating graphics, photos, and videos, she helps build ACTV to be an entertaining platform for everyone: “I work extremely closely with ACTV, but also other coaches and athletic faculty on campus to help improve the quality we offer at the Production House.”

Graphic by Meghan Abbee.

When Meghan isn’t working with ACTV, she lives Rush Hall, putting the final touches on her senior capstone project. This semester, a brewery right here in Adrian is getting an advertising makeover. Meghan is producing a video advertisement for the Cotton Brewing Company. From the aging of the liquor, to bottling and packaging, to the culture in the bar itself, Meghan is capturing the story of it all. Her 60s themed cinematic commercial focuses on their distilled products like whiskey and gin.

Photo by Cotton Brewing Company.

The Communication Arts and Sciences program fosters growth and knowledge in the areas of radio, television, and public relations. When asked between the three, Meghan chose television to be her favorite. This is due to Professor Michael Neal who taught her favorite class, Digital Media Production I: “I fell in love with video and the manipulation of it here, learning the basics and eventually exploring more on my own.”

Meghan has found Rush Hall to be her second-home: “The Communications Department has given me many contacts and colleagues that I plan to collaborate with for the rest of my career.” She is grateful for the opportunities she has been given and has developed a stellar portfolio and resume that she knows will set her ahead after graduation. After graduation, her dream is to work for the National Hockey League and reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Congratulations, Meghan!

For more information about the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, be sure to check out their page on the Adrian College website or the Course Catalog.

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