Student Awards

Michigan Association of Broadcasters’ Student Awards: College

2018 Radio

-Current Events Program, Honorable Mention – Polititalk With Schray, Gabriel Schray

2018 Television

-Documentary, Honorable Mention – Distance, Nicole and Victoria Buddie

-Innovations in Digital Media, Second Place-ACTV, Robert Alexander

2017 Television

-Mini-Documentary, First Place – Passion Project/AC Edition, Robert Alexander and Amelia Berg

2016 Television

-Mini-Documentary, Second Place – Adrian College, Adrian College Football: Behind the Jaws, Gabriel Schray

Communication Arts and Sciences Department Awards

Outstanding Senior in Communication

2018: Robert Alexander – Productions

2018: Victoria Piscatelli- Public Relations

2017: Brittney Antonelli

2016: Sarah Lombardo

Outstanding Junior in Communication

2018: Jason Schroeder

2017: Robert Alexander

2016: Regen Stahl